Online tax services – fast, secure, inexpensive

Tax filing services are available with or without other services or financial planning support. All tax services are provided through secure online portals and filed using paperless E-file systems. Electronic tax filing service is generally faster and less expensive than traditional tax preparation.

Whether you need help with filing, audits, or reducing your taxes, our secure remote online tax services for individuals, businesses, nonprofits organizations and estates help save you time and money. This short video introduces the tax services and the preparation steps that will make tax filing move more smoothly.

Stand-alone or combined with advisory services – Often my tax preparation engagement involves other accounting or financial planning work in addition to the preparation of a tax return. The most common goal of joint work is to cut federal income tax liabilities over the long term.

Secure remote service – Most tax preparation work is conducted remotely with documents uploaded to a secure web portal. Most tax returns are filed electronically. The focus of this business model is to increase the value of the service offered through savings of time and money that is passed on to clients.

Written agreement – Service is offered through an engagement agreement that includes the scope of service, timing, limitations and price. A sample engagement agreement is posted here.

Start early – Rates are lowest and service is naturally more attentive if you avoid the tax season rush.

Pricing – Rates for remote online tax preparation are bench-marked at lower than the published average tax industry rates as published by the National Association of Accountants for all professional and non-professional tax preparers. My base fee is typically 1/3 less than the published rate but additional services may bring the typical price closer to published average rates. Rates for late season services, rushed filings, and services that do not use the available cost-saving procedures of online tax filing are not discounted and may be offered at average rates or higher.

Late season services – After March 20 a higher rate and special timing provisions apply to ensure timely completion an filing without sacrificing quality and personal service.



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