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I reserve time late in tax season to handle last minute filers and tax planning. Part of our work focuses on making it more manageable next year. If you haven’t filed, don’t wait, call for an initial consult to get started.

Don’t just file your income tax return this year. Make plans to permanently reduce those taxes and build wealth with the savings. If you are motivated to use the proven strategies of the wealthiest individuals for your own benefit then call today for a no-charge initial tax planning consult. I look forward to working together to change your current tax expenses into future wealth. 

Personal & Professional Tax Services

Secure remote online tax services for individuals, businesses, nonprofits organizations and estates help save you time and money. Service is personally and professionally provided by you own CPA.

Stand-alone or combined with other services

Tax services are typically combined with other financial planning and accounting strategies designed to cut expenses and build wealth. A common goal of this combined work is to cut federal income tax liabilities over the long term.

Secure remote service

Tax preparation and representation work is conducted remotely with documents uploaded to a secure web portal. Most tax returns are filed electronically. The focus of this business model is to increase the value of the service offered through savings of time and money that is passed on to clients.

Written agreement

Service is offered through a clear tax services agreement that includes the scope of service, timing, limitations and price. There is no quesswork required to know what to expect from this service.


See this page for pricing information. My fees are the essentially the same as the published current national average. A discount credit of $25 (for individuals) or $50 (for businesses) is offered for referring a new tax client. Both you ans the referrred client get the discount.

Start early and avoid the late season rush

Rates are lower and the pace of service is more relaxed outside of the tax season rush. After March 20 a higher rate and special timing provisions applies to ensure timely completion and filing without sacrificing quality and personal service.


This short video (even though it is a year old) introduces the tax service and the preparation steps that will make your tax filing move more smoothly.


Please let me know how to reach you for a free consultation. I serve clients across the country by phone or Skype or can meet in person in the Philadelphia region. Your contact information is not shared with anyone.



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