Small business crisis recovery

I’m an accountant who, for the past 30+ years, primarily focused on making business owners more successful by lowering expenses, protecting assets and increasing net profits. Those issues have certainly changed this year, but opportunities still abound. I see examples of plenty of businesses taking advantage of tax-free strategies to tap into resources in this post-pandemic environment. I’d love to learn about your strategy.

Strategies for ‘the disaster after the disaster’

In the seven years since superstorm Sandy wiped out our New Jersey shoreline communities, I’ve been immersed in the work of small business crisis management and community economic redevelopment. That’s a unique perspective for facing the current economic crisis triggered by worldwide pandemic. I am pleased to already be working for several nationwide clients who are leading “first responders” to these new small business economic needs. The recently published book “The Drowning of Money Island” covers part of my story. If there is one thing we’ve learned, it’s that the disaster after the disaster” is a much bigger challenge than the initial stress. That’s our focus as we work with clients through this COVID-19 pandemic and its economic effects. We know that what you are reading in the news and what you are learning about the CARES Act will not be your reality over the next few years.

Presumably you are here on this web site curious about the accounting advisory and services of my new CPA firm that just opened in New Jersey only two months before the worldwide pandemic stuck our shores. I am pleased to help with a range of services tailored to fit in the new business world.

We can help you prosper in an increasingly complex and sometimes hostile financial environment. Please take a minute to consider these four points that set us apart:

1) RESULTS BEGIN WITH A WRITTEN PLAN – All of our work, even work performed without charge, is based on a written agreement that is customized to your own goals and objectives, preferences and specific situation. We know that written plans produce better results. This plan includes the specific results planned, the schedule, steps of the work plan, fees, and all other important details. I always draft this plan in an engagement letter prior to the beginning of our work – at no expense to you – and then ask you to read, discuss and confirm it before we move forward. 

2) INCREMENTAL SERVICES – In this post-pandemic world many businesses, including many accountants, require full cash payment in advance for a full range of services. Yet the small businesses that need the most help don’t have the cash for professional help. That’s what makes an unexpected disaster hurt even more. I use a low initial consultation fees and will help negotiate a strategy that focuses on restoring your cash flow first, then move on to more complex issues later.

3) BETTER COMMUNICATIONS – Good service and successful results depend on communications. Today this typically means a combination of phone, text, online chat and email. Increasingly, most of my ‘live’ meetings have been on the video platform Zoom for years. But the choice of communication platforms is always yours. Clients notice that the elevated level of communication makes all the difference.

4) PRICING BASED ON THE VALUE YOU RECEIVE – CPAs can be expensive… but worth it! My strategy in offering the best support available includes a justification for the fee that I may charge. 30+ years of training include my CPA certification, as well as my broad-based MT and MBA degrees and multiple industry certifications. Software certifications include QuickBooks ProAdvisor, FreshBooks, and more. In the end, the right practitioner is only as expensive as the results they fail to generate. Unfortunately, it is expensive to learn that not all advisers have the same knowledge and skills. When savings are realized that you had not anticipated, the cost to uncover that is priceless.

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Leverage the value of technology

Today’s technology makes it possible to rid yourself of tedious business bookkeeping chores, reduce your tax obligations, transform ordinary expenses to invested assets, and focus your attention on using the savings to work building long-term wealth. Let’s get started exploring the potential with a low cost discussion of the strategies that might work best in your specific situation to make this part of your core financial plan.

Privacy, security and efficiency must also be top priorities in managing your custom accounting solutions today. These must be designed into your everyday processes. You need more than an “after-the-fact” accountant to look back. Today’s environment requires a proactive forward-focused adviser with broad-based experience in security, government, and business trends.

You will find that my experience and positioning as a leader in the testing and implementing new technologies is an added value to help you achieve better results at lower costs.

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6 thoughts on “Small business crisis recovery

  1. Took interest in your comment/article on with regard to Pennsylvania’s aggressive treatment of unreimbursed business expenses and the 100% audit trigger. Question- have you seen any evidence that taking the deduction (and the subsequent audit) triggers the DOR to “look back” at prior returns and audit those as well?

    1. Hi Ed: No, I haven’t seen that look back to prior years.
      But it seems that the state’s effort was pretty effective. The preparers I chat with are scared to take the deduction now.

  2. I’m lucky to work with Tony Novak, he says “not business as usual” and I Can see that right off the bat!!

    He is a problem solver!! That’s what is not usual!! He’s not a robot quoting the tax code, he research everything and find solutions

    I will recommend (and actively doing it) Tony as a real problem solver

    Keep up the good work Tony!

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