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ACCOUNTING – Make 2020 the year that you transform those expenses to invested assets and rid yourself of tedious business bookkeeping chores. Privacy, security and efficiency are top priorities in managing your custom accounting solutions.

TAX – Resolve to take action now to legally reduce your tax obligation and put the net savings to work building long-term wealth for your business. Let’s get started with a discussion of strategies that will work in your specific situation to make tax savings part of your core financial plan.

STRATEGY – You need more than an “after-the-fact” accountant. Today’s environment requires a proactive adviser with broad-based experience in security, government, and business trends.

Schedule a free no-obligation planning discussion to identify the strategies that will ensure your best financial results this year.

If you are visiting this page specifically for  information on tax return preparation services please see for more fast start information.

3 thoughts on “Get Started with Accounting Advisory Services

  1. Took interest in your comment/article on with regard to Pennsylvania’s aggressive treatment of unreimbursed business expenses and the 100% audit trigger. Question- have you seen any evidence that taking the deduction (and the subsequent audit) triggers the DOR to “look back” at prior returns and audit those as well?

    1. Hi Ed: No, I haven’t seen that look back to prior years.
      But it seems that the state’s effort was pretty effective. The preparers I chat with are scared to take the deduction now.

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