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Working one-on-one with an experienced and credentialed professional ensures that you’ll have direct access to the strongest practices that fit your situation: from best management practices to tax compliance, dispute resolution, implementing new technology and strategic coaching. You’ll build confidence and trust in a long term advisor. Novak’s proven track record in building, operating and selling businesses ranging from agricultural, real estate, and contractors to financial services, while minimizing taxes and other risks adds value to your situation.

We’ll develop an accountable work plan to ensure that we track performance and attain your financial goals most efficiently.

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6 thoughts on “Your tax problem solver

  1. Took interest in your comment/article on with regard to Pennsylvania’s aggressive treatment of unreimbursed business expenses and the 100% audit trigger. Question- have you seen any evidence that taking the deduction (and the subsequent audit) triggers the DOR to “look back” at prior returns and audit those as well?

    1. Hi Ed: No, I haven’t seen that look back to prior years.
      But it seems that the state’s effort was pretty effective. The preparers I chat with are scared to take the deduction now.

  2. I’m lucky to work with Tony Novak, he says “not business as usual” and I Can see that right off the bat!!

    He is a problem solver!! That’s what is not usual!! He’s not a robot quoting the tax code, he research everything and find solutions

    I will recommend (and actively doing it) Tony as a real problem solver

    Keep up the good work Tony!

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