This page describes our simplified and transparent pricing policies that are designed to drive successful relationships based on delivering high value services at a sustainable and competitive price.

In all cases, our fees are individually negotiated and agreed in advance in writing, either as a flat rate or based on a formula stemming from the formulas below.


Fee types

Single occurrence projects are billed at a flat rate and typically invoiced in two parts: half at beginning and half at the end.

Recurring or ongoing work is billed through automatic pre-approved bank draft starting at $100 per week for goal-oriented advisory or coaching focused work or starting $300 per month if the engagement focuses on ongoing business reporting, filing or compliance requirements.


These rates apply during non-peak work times:

Initial consultationafter a free initial 15-minute discussion, an additional first hour is offered at $225.

Case review and planning service – offered at a flat rate of $475 that includes a written report of strategic analysis, an action plan, or a documented opinion as agreed.

Small projects – minimum rate for projects that require a report is $1,200.

Hourly – Rarely, infrequently, we will offer an hourly rate of $440. We discourage this method time-based billing as impractical and potentially unproductive in most circumstances.

Tax preparation services – Minimum rates are $225 initial first time new client intake review, $375 per individual return, $575 for entity return.

All-inclusive fees

Unless otherwise agreed, the rate agreed includes all staff and contractor costs, research, training and required certifications, review costs, software costs, security and data handling costs, and filing fees.

Special circumstances

In all service categories, higher rates apply during periods immediately before tax filing deadlines, for ‘rush’ work, for work that requires overtime hours and work that must be scheduled during evenings and weekends.


An initial retainer may be required at the start of the engagement. The retainer may be an arbitrary amount like $1,000, for example, or may be a percentage of the expected total contract.