Services for individual clients

Four types of services offered

I provide services to individual clients for four general reasons:

  1. Assist with going through a difficult process like business sale or divorce
  2. To provide documentation to third parties like banks or government
  3. Maximize the financial potential of life’s financial opportunities like salary, employee benefits or investments
  4. Make complex processes simple, especially for those facing the challenge of mental overload

To maximize the value you receive, it is important to first identify and prioritize among these general service categories.

Checklist of services

The tasks required are typically divided into the categories listed below in checklist format. Again, it is important to identify and prioritize those that will give greatest value.


  • Setup secure online software systems to collaborate and manage financial account data
  • Pay bills


  • Banking and bill payment for investment properties
  • Active management of investment properties
  • Deferring gain through tax-qualified exchange
  • Realizing tax-free gains on investment sales


  • Keep a copy of your important financial documents under the highest level of professional security standards
    Transfer of important documents to physical device for safe storage in your safe or bank safe deposit box


  • Compile income and expenses for Schedule C ‘side hustle’
    (See separate business services checklist)


  • Accountant’s letters and opinions including third party verification of information
  • Tax status or other verification letter


  • Listing of available tax reducing strategies
  • Preparation of local, state and federal income tax returns
  • Transcript matching – Obtain IRS and state records to ensure payments match to ensure that IRS transcripts don’t contain any surprises
  • Comparison of prior tax years
  • Next Year Tax Projection – useful for updating next years estimated payments
  • Intake meeting – In person or video call
  • Personalized delivery – A video created at the time of delivery of the tax return walking through the return verbally
  • Response to a tax examination notice
  • Representation before the IRS and local tax authority
  • Tax penalty abatement or reduction


  • Providing information on strategies that worked for others in similar situations and information about the changing financial environment


  • Executive coaching for planning and strategies for significant life events (business exploration, retirement, divorce, disability)


  • Divorce recovery strategies
  • Review of divorce settlement proposal for tax efficiency


  • Social security planning
  • Preparation of FAFSA financial aid forms
  • Planning for data management and disaster recovery


  • Discussions with family members on financial issues
  • Reading and discussion of four key estate documents and other documents as required
  • Providing smooth transition of business and personal affairs


Our fee arrangement is guided by these four principles:

  1. STARTS AS FREE UNTIL WE AGREE TO A PLAN TO CONTINUE: It is common for us to offer some initial service without a fee during an evaluation process. There is no charge for this work. Our purpose in offering this is to evaluate the scope of work and our ‘fit’ for an additional service arrangement.
  2. IN WRITING: Fees are stated and agreed in writing between us.
  3. MONTHLY RECURRING: The fee may be spaced throughout the year, and most prefer this method.
  4. CHANGES: You or I may agree to change, expand or end service at any time and that may affect fees.