How to reach me

  • I will ask you and make notes of your preferences in communications. If you have changes in preferences, please let me know.
  • My business uses cell phone number (856) 237-9199 as the primary number that is preferred for calls and text because it connects with other recordkeeping systems.
  • It is OK to call or text outside of usual business hours. If I can respond, I will. The most common reason for my delay in response is simple overload or exhaustion. But I always intend to respond within a day.
  • If I do not respond to a message within 24 hours, please presume that there might be something wrong – maybe I missed it. Please follow up.
  • The choice of communications method – and therefore the level of security related to that method – is always your choice. We can use secure messaging, document portal and encrypted platforms if you wish. Or you can use standard phone, email and messaging.
  • The second section of our engagement agreement titled “Communication” details all the other ways to reach me.