Acceptable Public and Online Behavior Policy

PURPOSE: The purpose of this policy is to preserve civility and decency within our communities. This policy is intended to be respectful of the right to free expression while being clear about the consequences of specific unacceptable behaviors. We reject all forms of hate, fascism, xenophobia, bigotry and racism and will take action to distance ourselves from observed public expression of this behavior.

GENERAL POLICY: The public and online behavior of my clients, friends, contacts, employees, contractors and associates reflects on the reputation of this firm. I expect that all members of our community and especially our clients and work associates will show respect to all people equally without regard to race, sex, orientation, citizenship or immigration status.

YOUR RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: We recognize the broad freedom of individual expression. We affirm that your rights to freely express an independent opinion does not ensure your rights to continued employment, support, membership or association with me or this firm or others similarly governed.

UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR DEFINED: Unacceptable behavior is bigotry expressed in any form, including defending, supporting or endorsing nationalism, racism, trumpism, ‘MAGA’, or promoting related themes or propaganda or intimidation. Unacceptable behavior also includes the intentional spread of propaganda or false information intended to have a divisive impact including but not limited to concepts known as anti-vax, flat earth, qanon and similar themes.

SCOPE: This policy extends to businesses, clubs and organizations where I have board level or management responsibilities or stewardship of assets.

ADVANCE WARNING: In any instance, I may give a warning before taking corrective action to unacceptable behavior but am not required to do so.

NO RECOURSE: Determination of unacceptable behavior is subjective and rests exclusively with me. There is no established basis of appeal.

CLIENTS: For clients, employees, associates or members: If I find a client to be publicly engaged in unacceptable behavior as defined above then we will end our services under the “Early Termination” provisions contained in our work agreement.

NON-CLIENTS: For non-clients, online connections, social media friends, employees, contractors or guests: If unacceptable behavior, as defined above, is observed in public or online then we simply end the connection, contact, membership, employment or other relationship without further notice.