How to pay me

These points apply to all payments:

  • These methods can be used to make payment to any associated entity (Nantuxent, Baysave, Freedom Benefits, etc). But if the purpose of the payment was to allow me to forward payment to another entity, then make sure that we confirm that in writing.
  • An IRS form W4, revised March 2024, is available on request. The form includes information to initiate an ACH payment in the “Account” field.
  • We cannot provide technical assistance when the problem is a failed payment to us, as this would be a conflict of interest.
  • Our engagement agreement and work plan may specify that I am to take custody of your funds or make payments to another entity on your behalf. If so, this will be clearly defined in the engagement agreement and work plan. You have complete control to cancel this authority at any time.
  • If the payment was meant as a contribution to a charitable organization, make sure that you receive a confirmation of donation letter from the charity.
  • Payment processing clearing time varies from one day to ten days. We notice a trend toward faster processing and we tend to avoid slower processors. Two days is most common. I must wait for the payment to clear is the intent is for me to initiate subsequent financial transactions agreed in our work plan.

Single payment:


ACH is the preferred payment method. You may simply click on the secure live link on the invoice I send and fill in banking information. We prefer that you use a bank debit card for lower processing fees. Please let me know if you want to pay by credit card and that option is not available on the invoice. I will reformat the invoice to allow credit card payment.

Invoice payment

The most consistently reliable secure and low cost method is QuickBooks Payments system using ACH. The secure web link is included on the invoice that I send in an email to you. A customized secure payment portal will be created for your invoice on request. All transactions are immediately confirmed on screen and through email.

All clients who use our secure messaging and document management service through Verifyle (probably the system you used to electronically sign an engagement agreement) already have access to a built-in payment processing system through Square. All transactions are confirmed on screen and through email. Because this is the most expensive option, we use it sparingly.

Alternately, payment is accepted in almost any other format –


We both must acknowledge a manually signed receipt.





Facebook Messenger Payment


Recurring payments:

Two primary methods are used for recurring payments.

Payroll for contractors

The best option is to use the contractor payment system available through your business payroll system. This automatically handles all required reporting, including 1099s. We will be able to assist with the setup on request.

Recurring Invoice Payments

Please fill out and return an AuthorizationForm for Tony Novak CPA. The secure client portal is available for this purpose or you may choose another method of transmittal. (Some clients prefer text). You may stop the recurring payments at any time. It may take a few days to cancel the next and future automated transactions.

Alternately, you can set this up through your own bank bill payment system.