Set up reliable affordable payroll service for your business the easy professional way. Any payroll timetable, benefits schedule or tax-free reimbursements may be included. The cost of complete payroll service for most small businesses is $20 per week per employee with no setup fee or termination restriction, however this service alone will not meet our minimum fee requirements, so payroll service is normally combined with other services.

Basic Pricing

1 Assumes employees are on fixed pay, no benefits or tax-free reimbursements, including all periodic and year end filings with federal, state and local government – $20 per week ($87 per month)

1-3 employees, adding variable pay with tax-free reimbursements, $30 per week ($125 per month)

1-50 employees, with employee benefits – fee individually priced


  1. Download, sign and return a payroll service agreement. Return via cell phone photo is OK.
  2. Call to discuss any questions.
  3. If applicable, upload any year-to-date prior payroll records through our secure portal.
  4. Setup typically takes one business day, but it takes a total of about five days from the initial start of setup until pay is in the bank accounts of employees.
  5. After set-up the business owner’s management, if needed, is typically handled by cell phone app or text messaging.

Payroll compliance, taxation, and garnishment orders can be complicated. IRS and state tax authorities say that one in four small businesses winds up with payroll tax audits and resulting liabilities. Avoid this hassle by contracting to transfer all of this risk to a professional, experienced and proven provider.