Tax Service Solutions

An easier way to get personal and professional help with your income tax filings

Thank you for choosing me to help you with your taxes. My goal is to give a stress-free tax filing experience. Clear communication plays an important part in this process. This web page introduces the terms of the engagement we will offer and outlines the nature and extent of the services.

I offer a simple and secure process to compete the required tax filings for individuals, businesses, nonprofits organizations and estates help save you time and money. You will enjoy service personally and professionally provided by you own CPA.

To get started just send an email to or a text message to (302) 404-3263. I will respond with a link you can use to securely send documents, an engagement agreement, and an invitation to schedule a call at your convenience.

Secure remote service

Most tax preparation and representation work today is conducted remotely with documents uploaded to a secure web portal.  Some clients prefer to just send text messages with their information; that works as well. Most tax returns are e-filed after you review and approve them. The focus of this online business model is to increase the value of the service offered through savings of time and money that is passed on to our clients. You have options to work the way that fits best.

In-person service

I maintain a shared office agreement with providers throughout the Delaware Valley region in the event that we need a location to meet and work in person. This option is more expensive, but I am open to working in the way that you prefer.


Online Reviews

Clients have posted consumer reviews of my work on independent web sites.  The latest are on Google.  Intiut, the makers of TurboTax and QuickBooks, hosts a larger number of last year’s reviews here.



Most new clients come through a referral. This page has information on “How to refer me for income tax preparation services“. A discount credit is offered for referring a new tax client; please see the details in the engagement agreement. Both you and the referred client get the discount under the referral program. 


Written engagement agreement

Service details are described in a clear written tax services agreement that includes the scope of service, timing, limitations and price.  There isn’t any guesswork about how your tax service will be handled. A sample tax services engagement agreement is available online.


Pricing and Fees

We take pride in running a lean operation to maximize the value provided to our clients.  A sample price schedule for tax services is available online. These tax preparation fees are about the same as the current national averages published by the National Association of Accountants.  The median total fee this year is $315. Some tax services may be offered on a pro bono basis and some are offered at the 25% discount mentioned above.


Stand-alone service or combined with other services

Tax filing services are typically combined with other tax and financial planning and accounting strategies designed to cut expenses and build wealth. A common goal of this combined work is to cut federal income tax liabilities over the long term. But that’s always up to you. Additional help is available on request.


To get started

Call, email or send a text message to get started. Usually, we will want to schedule a short call and then I’ll follow up with specific applicable information.

Remember that rates are lower, and the pace of service is more relaxed outside of the tax season rush. After March 20 we may need to discuss arrangements to ensure timely completion and filing without sacrificing quality and personal service.