Core values

My professional practice, business activities, and personal life are driven by a goal of advancing these three core values.

  1. Support for independent small business. The current trend of income and wealth concentration within the largest corporations controlled by the top 1% of individuals is dangerous to our society and must be stopped. For me this means supporting small business initiatives worldwide that help more people move from the middle into the affluent category and resisting measures that primarily benefit only the top 1%. I left the most powerful firm on Wall Street firm in 1987 to gain integrity with this core value and have been committed to working for ordinary business people ever since. While I’ve been privileged to serve some of the country’s wealthiest and most successful “one percenters” as clients, we are pleased to share this common value.
  2. The Golden Rule; treating others as I would wish to be treated. I support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that the United States adopted in 1948 and modified and reaffirmed since then through covenant. For me this often means putting the rights of the weak and disadvantaged on equal footing as those of the rich and powerful. It means resisting any effort to “put America first” in front of the rights of individuals in any other nation. In practice, I am committed to a daily exercise of “doing unto others as I wish they would do to unto me”. The Golden Rule is the basis of professional ethics standards that incorporate competence, integrity, fairness, diligence, professionalism and confidentiality.
  3. Freedom of expression for new and diverse ideas, including respect for the right to peaceful assembly and protest, must be upheld even when exercising this right is not convenient and it interferes with efficiency and operations of the majority. This right may not be impeded through laws, for example the requirement for permits for assembly, or the enforcement of disorderly conduct laws against peaceful protesters. Upholding the right to free speech means that I will support and give platform to people even when I do not agree with their positions. The defense of free speech recognizes that there are well-established legal and ethical limits to what is protected free speech vs. what is intolerable in society. I anticipate that free speech will be the primary tool used to direct the future of our world in a better direction than would otherwise be preferred by those of the political and economic elite class.