2019 Tax Planning and Support Tools Available

Through our 2019 license agreement with CFS Software, we offer a large number of support forms and estimated tax calculators. If you would benefit from a demonstration of the powers of any of these functions or planning calculations, please let us know.

General Utilities and Retirement Calculations:

5 Year Federal/State Tax Planner

After-Tax Loan Refinance Analysis

After-Tax Yield Calculator

Alimony Recapture

Annuity – General & Simplified Rule

Annuity – Joint/Survivor After 1997

Annuity – New Simplified Rule

AT&T Divestiture

Auto Cents-Per-Mile Valuation Rule

Auto Lease Inclusion Amount

Auto Lease Valuation Rule

Auto Lease vs Buy Comparison

Auto Mileage and Expense Log

Auto Sale – Gain/Loss Actual Expenses

Auto Sale – Gain/Loss Std. Mile. Rate

Auto Trade (3 modules)

Bank Reconciliation

Buy vs Lease – Equipment

Cancellation of Debt Worksheet – Insolvency

Canc. of Debt – Qual. Prin. Res. Indebtedness Worksheet

Cash T Analysis

Client Contact Log Sheet

Client Filing Instructions

Client Tax Organizer

College Fund Calculator

College Savings Plans: 529 Plan vs Alternatives

Dependency Support Worksheet

Domestic Production Activities Worksheet – Form 8903

Education Credit and Deduction Analysis Worksheet

Employee Time Sheet

Estate Tax Calculator

Foreclosure & Voluntary Conveyance

Foreclosure – Two Loans

Health Savings Account (HSA) Evaluator

Hiring Your Dependent Child

Home Loan Tracing Worksheet

Income Statement – Tax/Financial

Income Splitting for Community Property

Installment Sale Income

Interest Allocation (1st Yr. and Subsequent Yrs.)

IRA Calculator

IRA Distribution Before Age 59 1/2

IRA Distribution/Contribution/Basis

IRA: Inherited IRA – Required Minimum Distr.

IRA Minimum Distribution

IRA Minimum Distribution – Multiple Acct Worksheet

IRA: Comparing the Roth IRA With Other IRAs

IRA: Non-deductible IRA Basis Tracker

IRA: Roth IRA Basis Tracker

IRA: Phaseout Calculator

IRA: Why Convert a Traditional IRA to a ROTH IRA?

Individual 401(k) Plan Contribution

Keogh/SEP Combined Plan Calculator

Keogh/SEP/401(k) Calculator

Keogh/SEP Single Plan Calculator

MACRS Depreciation

Mutual Fund Basis Calculator

Net Operating Loss

Net Worth Statement

NOL Carryback/Carryover

Occupational Deductions for Airline Personnel

Occupational Deductions for Auto Salespersons

Occupational Deductions for Business Professionals

Occupational Deductions for Clergy

Occupational Deductions for Constructions Workers

Occupational Deductions for Day Care Providers

Occupational Deductions for Direct Sellers

Occupational Deductions for Educators

Occupational Deductions for Entertainers

Occupational Deductions for Fire Fighters

Occupational Deductions for Law Enforcement

Occupational Deductions for Long Haul Truckers

Occupational Deductions for Medical Professionals

Occupational Deductions for Realtors

Occupational Deductions for Self-Employed Individuals

Occ. Deductions. for Vehicle, Travel and Entertainment Exp.

Occupational Deductions for Hairstylists/Manicurists

Original Issue Discount (OID) Calculator

Paycheck Withholding Calculator

Paycheck Withholding: CA 2011 10% Over W/H DE 4 Adj.

Qualify for Home Purchase

Qualified Loan Limit & Mortgage Interest

Rental Property Setup

Repossession of Personal Property

Repossession of Real Property

Sale of Personal Residence Planner

Sale of Rental Property

Small Business Health Care Tax Credit Worksheet

Social Security: Take It at Age 62 or Later?

Social Security Benefits – Joint Survivor Options

Social Security/RRB Taxability and Lump Sum Worksheet

Social Security Optimization

Special Average for Lump Sum Distribution

State Sales Tax Deduction Calculation & Comparison to Income Tax Deduction

Tax Benefit Rule

Tax Credit and Deduction Phase-out Calculator

Tax Deferred Exchanges

Tax Deferred Exchange (1 page)

Tax Fee Schedule and Justifier

Time Share Ownership Compared to a Vacation Rental

Vacation Home Rental Worksheet

Why Invest in a 401(k)?



Child: Uniform Definition of a ‘Qualifying Child’

Child Care Credit – Who Qualifies (2)

Children’s Income on Parents Return

Commuting and Travel Expenses

Credit for the Elderly or Disabled

Dependency Exemption

Earned Income Credit (2)

Educational Expenses

Employee Business Expenses

Estimated Taxes

Filing Status

Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

IRAs Deductible

IRAs Inherited (2)

Kiddie Tax

Like-Kind Exchanges

Material Participation Rules

Meal & Entertainment Expenses

Mortgage Interest – Deductible

Moving Expenses

New EIN: when does an entity need one?

Office in Home

Payroll taxes for family members

Payroll Deposits

Points – Deductible

Real Estate Professional

Resident or Nonresident Alien

Student Loan Interest Deduction

Support Test

Vacation Home Rules

U.S. Savings Bond Interest

W-4 Withholding


Federal Forms:

56 (Notice Concerning Fid. Relationship)

211 (App. for Reward for Original Info.)

433-A (Collection Info. for Individuals)

433-B (Collection Info. for Businesses)

433-D (Installment Agreement)

433-F (Collection Info. Statement)

656 (Offer In Compromise)

656-L (OIC, Doubt as to Liability)

656-PPV (OIC – Periodic Payment Voucher)

843 (Claim for Refund/Abatement)

907 (Agreement to Extend the Time to Bring Suit)

911 (App. for Taxpayer Assistance)

952 (Consent To Ext. Period of Limit. on Assess… )

966 (Corp. Dissolution or Liquidation)

982 (Reduction of Tax Attributes)

1040-ES (Est. Tax for Individuals)

1041-ES (Est. Tax for Fiduciaries)

1045 (Net Operating Loss)

1120-H (Return for Homeowners Assoc.)

1139 (Corp. Appl. for Tentative Refund)

1310 (Refund for Deceased Taxpayer)

2553 (S Corporation Election)

2848 (Power of Attorney)

Power of Attorney-Rep. Statement of Withdrawal

Power of Attorney-Taxpayer Statement of Revocation

3115 (Change in Accounting Method)

3911 (Statement Regarding Refund)

4506 (Request for Copy of Tax Return)

4506T (Request for Transcript of Tax Return)

4506T-EZ (Short Form Request for Ind. Transcript)

4768 (Appl. Ext. Time to File a Return)

4810 (Request for Prompt Assessment)

4852 (Substitute W-2 Generator)

4868 (Automatic Extension)

5213 (Elect. to Postpone Det. for Profit)

5500-EZ (Ann. Ret. of One-Part. Retirement Plan)

5558 (Ext. to File Emp. Plan Return)

7004 (Corporate Extension)

8275 (IRS Disclosure Statement)

8300 (Rpt. of Cash Payments >$10,000)

8332 (Rel. of Claim to Exemption for Child)

8379 (Injured Spouse & Claim Allocation)

8594 (Asset Acquisition Stmt. Sec.1060)

8633 (Application for Electronic Filing)

8716 (Election for TY other than Req. TY)

8809 (Extension of Time to File Info. Ret.)

8821 (Tax Information Authorization)

8822 (Change of Address)

8857 (Req. for Innocent Spouse Relief)

8867 (Paid Preparer’s EIC Checklist)

8868 (App. for Ext. To File Exempt Org. Ret.

8919 (Uncollected SS and Medicare Tax on Wages)

9423 (Collection Appeal Request)

9465 (Installment Agreement Request)

12153 (Req. for a Coll. Due Process Hearing)

12203 (Request for Appeals Review)

12507 (Innocent Spouse Statement)

12508 (Questionnaire for Non-Requesting Spouse)

12509 (Statement of Disagreement)

13711 (Req. for Appeal of Offer in Comp.)

13844 (App. for Red. User Fee For Inst. Agree.)

I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification)

SS-4 (Application for EIN)

SS-5 (Application for SSC)

SS-8 (Determination of Worker Status)

TD F 90-22.1 (Report of Foreign Bank)

W-4 (Emp. Withholding Allowance Cert.)

W-4P (Withholding Cert. Pension/Annuity)

W-4V (Voluntary Withholding Request)

W-7 (App. for Taxpayer ID Number)

W-9 (Request for Taxpayer ID Number)

W-10 (Dependent Care ID & Cert.)

W-12 (IRS Paid Preparer Tax ID No. (PTIN) App.)


State Forms:

100-ES (Corp. Est. Tax – CA)

540-ES (Est. Tax Individual – CA)

541-ES (Est. Tax Fiduciary – CA)

593-E (Real Estate W/H – Comp. of Est. G/L – CA)

743 (Online Account View Access Authorization. – CA)

911 (Req. for Relief from Hardship – CA)

3516 (Req. Copy – CA)

3519 (Automatic Ext. – CA)

3520 (FTB POA – CA)

3522 (Limited Liability Tax Voucher – CA)

3525 (Substitute W-2 – CA)

3533 (Change of Address – CA)

3536 (Estimated Fee for LLCs – CA)

3539 (Corp. Ext. Filer – CA)

3561 (Collection Info – CA)

3563 (Auto. Ext. for Fiduciaries – CA)

3567 (Installment Agreement Req. – CA)

4905BE (Offer in Compromise – Business Entity – CA)

4905PIT (Offer in Compromise – CA)

8454 (E-file Opt-Out Record – CA)

8633 (App. to Part. in the e-file Program – CA)

CDTFA-392 (POA – CA)

CDTFA-401-DS (Use Tax Return – CA)

CDTFA-490 (Offer in Compromise Application – CA)

CDTFA-490-C (OIC Application for Corps and Bus – CA)

DE-1 (Application for EIN – CA)

DE-1HW (Reg. Employer of Household Worker – CA)

DE-4 (Emp. W/H Cert. – CA)

DE 4P (W/H Cert. for Pension/Annuity – CA)

DE-24 (Change of Address – CA)

DE-34 (New Employees – CA)

DE-48 (Power of Attorney EDD – CA)

DE-89 (Employment of HH Worker. Elect. – CA)

DE 542 (Report of Ind. Contractor(s) – CA)

DE 999 (Request for Offer in Compromise – CA)

DE 999A (Offer in Compromise Application – CA)

DE 999B (Offer in Compromise Financial Statement – CA)

DE 999CA (Multi-Agency Form for OIC – CA)

DE 999D (Installment Plan Agreement – CA)

DE 2251a (Affidavit of Mailing – CA)

DR-835 (Power of Attorney and Decl. of Rep. – FL)

IL-2848 (Power of Attorney – IL)

IL-4506 (Request for Copy of Tax Return – IL)

151 (Power of Attorney Authorization – MI)

M-5008-R (Appointment of Taxpayer Representative – NJ)

CT-6 (S Corp Election – NY)

DTF-4 (OIC, For Liabilities Not Fixed and Final … – NY)

DTF-4.1 (OIC Fully Determined Liability, For Fixed … – NY)

DTF-14/14.1 (POA – NY)

DTF-17 (Sales Tax Appl. – NY)

DTF-95 (Business Tax Account Update – NY)

DTF-96 (Rep. of Address Change for Bus. – NY)

IT-2105-MN (Estimated Tax Payment Voucher – NY)

NYS-100 (Emp. Reg. for UI, W/H, and Wage Rep. – NY)

TR-152 (Request for Copy of Filed Tax Return – NY)

TBOR-1 (Declaration of Tax Representative – OH)

150-800-005 (Tax Information Authorization and POA for Rep – OR)

01-137 (Limited Power of Attorney – TX)


Financial Calculations:

After-Tax Yield Calculator

Retirement Income Planner

Investment: Unknown Variable

Investment: Inv. Goal (FV of Annuity or Lump Sum)

Investment: Regular Deposit Amount (Sinking Fund)

Investment: Initial Investment (PV of a Future Lump Sum)

Investment: Length of Inv. (Term of Annuity)

Investment: Rate of Return

Investment: Present Value of an Annuity

Loan: Payment Amount (Standard Loan Amort.)

Loan: Irregular Loan Amortization

Loan: After-Tax Loan Refinance Analysis

Loan: Biweekly Loan Conversion

Loan: Effect of a Lump Sum Payment

Loan: Interest Rate

Loan: Length of Loan

Loan: Principal Amount

Loan: Unknown Variable

Loan: Comp of Fixed Rate Loan to ARM to Int. Only ARM

Loan: Reverse Mortgage Estimator


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