2021 Tax and Financial Planning

Why do many people pay more than on dollar out of every four that they earn in some type of tax while a few people legally pay little or no taxes? What is the most practical way for you to reduce taxes while increasing your net wealth over the long term?

This is the essence of our tax and financial planning service.

Are you curious about what is possible in your specific situation? What can you do right now to maximize your savings and lower your tax bill in 2021? Don’t wait to find out – many of the savings strategies begin on the day that you take action to put them in place.

Schedule an introductory tax planning consult with experienced tax planner Tony Novak, CPA, MBA, MT to gain insight into what it will take to cut your taxes to a minimum under the law.

Consultations are available by telephone, phone or video conference (Zoom, Skype, Messenger). A secure document sharing portal will also be available for follow-up analysis. There is no charge for an introductory call. If we agree to continue to a tax plan, the  process, fees and expectations will be clarified prior to the beginning of this work.

TO GET STARTED: Just call or use the call scheduler on this page to schedule an introduction where we can discuss your own cost-effective tax plan.