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29 “Five Star” online reviews! Thank You!

I started a new small business accounting firm in Millville NJ this past January and got moving just before this shutdown craziness hit us. Tough timing for sure!

I know it’s important for a new business to collect client endorsements but there’s been little time for that yet. Even so, I am grateful to have accumulated over 30 total “five star” client endorsements on different web sites including different Google pages, QuickBooks ProAdvisor site and my own web site. It’s a little but confusing that endorsements are scattered across the web, but that seems unavoidable.

16 “five star” reviews are listed at

Another 11 “five star” reviews are at,1,,,

A few others are on other web pages. (I don’t think it’s possible to combine reviews on multiple Google listings).

I am deeply grateful to the clients willing to share these comments and endorsements.

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