Facebook Live: “30 Minutes to Faster, Easier, Cheaper Small Business Accounting”

Look for online announcements of upcoming presentations.

I will be hosting a series of free, short, fast-paced online programs for small business owners, self-employed folks and part-time freelancers. The intent is to help us prepare to save time and money on tax accounting in 2018. It will be Facebook Live presentation with the ability to ask questions during the program or ask for a one-on-one follow-up for further discussion.

The under-30-minute program focuses about one minute delivering key tips on each of these key items:

  1. Begin with the end in mind: your Schedule C goal
  2. Easy cheap mobile phone apps make it easy
  3. Electronic payments to improve collections and cut costs
  4. Income reporting issues: cash. loans and non-taxable items
  5. Using non-income accounts to defer and avoid tax
  6. Business expenses
  7. Health care expenses
  8. Vehicle deductions the easy way
  9. Business travel and entertainment
  10. Depreciation vs. expensing
  11. Understanding self-employment tax
  12. Estimated tax payments
  13. Home office expenses the safe way
  14. Understanding your audit risks
  15. Warning: Meeting record keeping requirements and practical issues
  16. Warning: Employee vs independent contractor
  17. Warning: 1099-MISC reporting requirements
  18. Payroll isn’t just for employees

At the end of the program I will offer a free one-on-on session to discuss issues privately as well as the option to add ridiculously inexpensive online accounting or payroll system.


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