3rd flood

Note added January 5, 2017: This was one of the many “hundred year floods” to hit us in the past decade. The most recent and most severe was January 2016. I leave this post available to remind us of the trend in sea level rise. Everything in this photo including the landscaping has been rebuilt, replaced and raised since 2008. We now have a new seawall to the left of the photo that protects this area.

Saturday November 15 was the third worst flood seen on Money Island in the past few decades. The worst was October 2006 and the 2nd worst was Mother’s Day this year. The trend is disturbing. No one seems to know why. It was not severe weather in any of these three events. Upstream flooding was not an issue. My boardwalk floated away because I has not anchored it yet after the recent install. (See Harley on one piece on the front yard as it started to drift. I found the wood in the creek a hundred and fifty yards away). The second picture show the side yard and the main road, completely underwater. We had almost a sand drift almost three feet deep on the road in front of the cabin where the barrier broke in the third picture. Chuck dug it out with a backhoe. Note the “Inn of the Seagulls” in the their picture amazingly remains standing despite all odds.



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