Aging gracefully

Proposition from an online friend: “I believe the world is no worse than it ever was. Everything is just more exposed now. Have faith and look for the good.”

My Response: “That’s a great positive motivator. Unfortunately, as an evidence-focused guy I don’t see that the data supports that first conclusion.Yes, the data is more exposed now but there is no indication that we use that information in any more responsible manner. Regardless of the topic of discussion it is difficult to forecast an outcome based on the available information that has a good outcome. Physical resource degradation combined with a growing population and the widening wealth gap are three trends that lead the list of far more exposed topics today. I am not aware of any information-based forecast that indicates a ‘good’ outcome for any of these. Of course the implications and secondary effects are likely to be massive. The thought leaders I follow indicate that we (individually and collectively) are in decline and our best course of action is to age gracefully. For me, aging gracefully does mean I should “have faith and look for the good”, as you say. We reach the same conclusion, although through different paths.”



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