Birthday Invitation

In the year I was born a postage stamp cost 4 cents. A new home cost $13,725 and the average worker earned $5,620 per year. The most popular new tunes on the radio were “Yellow Polka Dot Bikini”, “Only the Lonely” and “Are You Lonely tonight?” Elvis had just been released from the army. Most adults watched the Kennedy-Nixon debate on TV – an event that shaped political media and gave birth to the economic forces that make my career possible more than three decades later. When Kennedy won the election, he vowed to “get this country moving again” and opened the door to the decades of inflation that governed the way our generation views money. Tensions between the U.S. and the Soviet Union (and Cuba) were high and many believed that a nuclear war was not only possible but likely. Cassius Clay won the gold medal in boxing and our current 50 star U.S. flag became official on the day after I was born – July 3, 1960.

Please join us in celebrating this mile mark in the passing of time – either Thursday night at the Oarhouse, at a birthday BBQ at Money Island on Friday or our own private get together as soon as we can arrange it.


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