Break down the tax filing process

Any complex task is easier when broken down into small pieces. Tax filing is no different. While there are plenty of different options, we break it down and pull out the best methods.

Ways to collect information:

BEST: Cell phone scanner with tax organizer

OK: Flatbed scanner batch documents

ALTERNATE: Photos or papers

Ways to share information:

BEST: upload to secure portal and accountant access to your accounting software

OK: Text or email


Ways to communicate and review:

BEST: Zoom call with screen and document sharing

OK: Phone, Messenger

ALTERNATE: Text or voice message

AVOID: Email without confirming receipt

Ways to pay:

BEST: Click to pay on electronic invoice

OK: Paypal, Venmo, Messenger, Zelle

ALTERNATE: credit card or paper check


Ways to collect refund:

BEST: Direct deposit

OK: Check by mail

Ways to store information:

BEST: Your secure online drive (Google drive, OneDrive)

OK: Paper file in secure location (safe) or ask us for a copy when necessary

AVOID: Paper copy wherever

What to do next:

BEST: Launch a tax plan strategy to lower taxes next year

OK: Review and keep up with quarterly estimated payments

AVOID: Putting it away and don’t look until next year


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