Fast paced change brings 2020 opportunities to small businesses

After some tweeking (thanks to my peers for the crowd-sourced feedback!) this is the version of the email message that will be used this week:

Dear _ :

This past year brought more changes for small business owners than any other year in the past generation. This means new opportunities to save money but also clearly more legal risk in others. This means that the time demands of running a small business continue to expand. Let me help make it easier with a no charge summary discussion to outline topics that might mean the most to you this year. You will likely be glad that you tackled this timely bit of important business planning. Just click through to the call scheduler here.     

In 2020, in the accounting field alone, we have:

  • new small business health plans
  • new retirement plan rules
  • tax law changes
  • new small business tax credits
  • new accounting rules for leases
  • tightening of enforcement of payroll rules
  • independent contractor clarifications
  • faster and less expensive banking
  • even more mobile technology
  • refinements of the 2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
  • continued implementation of new nonprofit accounting standards

How do we keep up with the change, identify those that apply to us, and take advantage of the new opportunities? How do we mesh these changes with the rest of the business plan? I suggest that we Schedule a conversation as early in the year as possible.

Don’t worry there isn’t any cost for an informal planning discussion and, as always, there is no obligation to continue unless we find and agree on a plan – along with a way to measure and evaluate the expected benefits of any change –  that will help improve your business results this year. You may find that some benefits are assured just as soon as we implement 2020 adjustments.

Let’s please schedule a call or, alternately, send text or email and I will follow up.



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