Changes to Tony Novak CPA business practices for 2019

***DRAFT VERSION *** This post is meant for peer advisor discussion purposes only at this time.

I expect to make these five changes to improve client services in 2019. The changes apply to my core client group, local law firms, as well as other individual, small business and nonprofit clients.


1) Payroll Services

Complete payroll services will be available under a performance assurance engagement agreement at a simple flat rate per month regardless of how often payroll is run.

2) Nonprofit Services

Service will be continue to be available to supported nonprofits but discounts will continue but only if either pre-paid, or on automatic payment or pre-authorized billing based on the engagement agreement. I won’t absorb the rebilling costs, ‘float’ costs or collection costs after offering a discount on rates.

3) Contingency Arrangements

I expect to increase the range of services that are offered on a contingency fee basis so that a fee is based only on the amount earned or saved.

4) Unbilled Services

There is no charge for services performed outside of an engagement agreement. The purpose is to allow us to get a better feel for the work and for you to get some free advice on the issue. In 2019 unbilled services will likely be expanded through and agreement with Freedom Benefits for small business employee benefit plans. Prospective clients should not feel ‘guilty’ about utilizing unbilled services.

5) Communications

A large part of the cost I incur stems from failed attempts to communicate. All engagements  will include a communication about the preferred method of communication in trying to lower costs and improve the efficiency of service. This deliberate change to discuss a communication plan will decrease overall fees and improve the level satisfaction with the services.


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