Comments on “Know Who to Trust” editorial about financial advisers

Today I had an email exchange with a CPA who commented on the editorial I recently posted in CBSPhilly on the issue of establishing a basis of trust with a financial adviser. Sometimes these little bits of encouragement make all the difference so I compiled and re-posted the email conversation here as an ego reward and an encouragement to myself. Also,  this gives me an opportunity to announce that a slightly longer version of the editorial is available here and that the formatted Word document can be downloaded here.

Excellent article commenting on financial advisors.  Can you send me your comments as an email attachment?

Thanks for the complement. Here it is as a Word attachment. Please feel free to use it. I’m trying to get some marketing mileage from it since I am re-entering professional practice after a complete 5 year absence from work so I am starting from scratch to rebuild a practice.

“Wow, you have a real gift for writing and should pursue this.  Maybe we should all take a 5 year break to hone up on the writing skills.  What does “MT” mean?  Masters in Taxation?  I don’t know how to do it keeping up with all the social networking sites.  If you keep publishing this way, you will surely succeed in attracting the right type of clients.  You need to hook up with a good law firm too.  Thank you and best wishes!”

Thanks. Yes, I have a background in writing and this article was also improved by a professional editor at NJSCPA who offered suggestions. I primarily do benefits and tax planning work for attorneys, stemming from my attendance of Villanova Law School for the Masters of Taxation. But at this point I’ve released all my clients more 5 years ago and have acquired only 2 new ones since re-launching this year. I know it will take some time.

Good luck.  Keep on writing.


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