communication with my homeowner’s insurance agent

A form letter received from my homeowner’s insurance agent prompted tis blog post:

Tony Novak:
As your Allstate agent, I’m concerned…
I’ve just learned that you were sent a notice of Cancellation for Nonpayment of Premium of your Allstate policy…

Dear Agent:
I’m glad that you are concerned. So am I. I noticed that the cost of my homeowner’s insurance policy has roughly tripled over the ten years since I bought the house. The market value of my home has declined over these years and my income is significantly lower now since the booming economy of years ago. The cost/benefit proposition of your coverage is now seriously out of line for me. Fortunately, I have the option to simply not renew the policy and take coverage through a different company. I know that many of your other customers do not have that option. Even so, I suggest that you urge your company’s underwriters to go back and and draft trimmed down coverage at a fraction of the cost of your current homeowner’s policy.


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