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I recently signed up for a listing on The concept sounds good and the owner seems to have a solid reputation. I’ve often written many guest blogs in the past but finding the right opportunities takes more work than I am willing to put into it. As a result, my guest posts are “catch as catch can”, mostly when others ask me for a specific contribution.

The first few responders at Bloggerlinkup made me aware of a potential problem that I had not previously considered. Internet traffic builders crave this type of content to build readership for its own sake, not to supplement an existing native customer group. I have no interest in this type of promotion; in fact I’ve written about how it tends to “junk up” the ability to find good content online.

This post is written to further clarify the types of Web sites I would and would not contribute content. The Web site names are fictitious and used only to communicate the concept.
I would be willing to contribute free content to these sites that have a natural complementary audience:

If your site falls into this category, please contact me with a topic idea that you would like to see published.

In contrast, I would not be willing to contribute free content to:

If your site falls into this category, then please make a reasonable offer for the value of content or don’t bother to ask. I have a track record of attracting traffic and my largest sale of content was priced well into six figures.


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