I took comfort in John McCain’s final message this week. I do tend to despair in seeing that our lives, our finances, our whole planet are in far worse shape than ever before while some of those around us don’t even recognize the problem. Many of the people who continue to enable government to destroy our lives are living near poverty and oppression under the spell of illusion while they allow the rich to grow richer through unfair taxes and laws. How is it even possible to not despair when we look around our world and come to the same conclusions as author Jonna Ivin in this powerful new article on Medium? There are plenty of reasons to despair!

The path to peaceful enjoyment of a middle class life is more difficult than before. With more than half of my combined gross income going to some form of payments to the government and economic elite, I am clearly part of the problem by helping the rich get richer. More than half my free time fighting the systematic injustice and government overreach through local activism. This isn’t much fun but has become necessary. The problem with unbridled oppression of the working class is plainly out-of-control.

On a daily basis, I see government employees with high salaries and nice cars harassing and extorting the farmers and fishermen I represent who are struggling to carve a day-to-day existence on the land and waters that government policies have nearly destroyed. It does trigger feelings of despair. But it doesn’t always need to stay this way. Change is possible.

“Do not despair of our present difficulties but believe always in the promise and greatness of America, because nothing is inevitable here.”


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