It is important for each of us as individuals and as leaders of organizations to have a clear donation and charitable support policy. It should be a core part of our values and financial planning.

I view the donations and charity support for myself, my family, and my small businesses as a single unit because ultimately all of the money comes out of the same bucket. This most recent revision of my donation policy recognizes that local economic operating conditions at the southern New Jersey bayshore region are among the toughest anywhere in the country and that financial survival challenges have increased dramatically this year.

Basic Donation Policy

For as long and as often as I can do so, I will give $20 to anyone who asks. This is based on the principles in the preface to Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass”, commonly referred to as  “This is what you shall do”. These core values have resonated and strengthened over time with me. The $20 amount is somewhat arbitrary but based on a projection of my future gross receipts and number of requests for donations. 

Larger Donation Policy

Larger donations are considered on a reciprocal basis among registered charities.

I will match the donation given to Baysave, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, whenever possible and when requested, with a donation to another charity.

Beginning in 2022, I will donate up to $50,000 in services through Raising Nonprofits.

This donation policy is substantially simplified and reduced from the amount of donations made in the past, but is a direct reflection of the changes in the micro-economy where I live and work. I do revisit the issue and may update the amount from time to time.