Edge appears to have a bright future

I last blogged about browser issues in March. The basis point was that no single browser can do it all for me. Since then Microsoft Edge has made its way through beta testing and several updates and now appears to tip the scales for me. I don’t mean to rewrite any of the good reviews already published (like Mashable linked here). But we should recognize that users like me are looking for best overall experience, not necessarily fastest speed or number of plug-ins. That’s where Edge shows the most strength.

I recognize that the Edge shortcomings pointed out in those reviews are not an issue for me. For example, the lack of built-in ad blocker is not important because I use Eset software for this function. The new version is optimized for Windows 10/Edge.

I tested Cortana on a notebook PC and I like it even better than on my phone. I like Cortana better than Siri – both on my PC and phone – but I’ve not tested Google’s version of a voice recognition assistant.

I’ve not yet tested Edge with all my business software, so I post again if this turns up any news. For now it appears that the primary deterrent that keeps me from using Edge as a primary browser is the lack of extension support for my absolutely crucial Lastpass service.



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