Excited about focus of services for 2016

Note: This service offer does not apply for 2017 and beyond. Please see the “Services” page for current offering details. 

I feel excited and energized by my planned specialization of services for 2016. I’ve just crossed the one year anniversary mark on the re-launch of my solo accounting practice after being out of the industry for nine long years while recovering from an injury. It’s been quite an adventure! Despite having 20+ years prior professional experience serving small business clients in my own practice prior to 2006, this past year was just as challenging as starting the first time. As I look back on 2015, I see this first year of sole practice as exploratory and I look forward to focusing services on my best client niche in the future.

I will only be offering three types of services this coming year:

  1. The single fee consultation is by far the most popular and serves as my primary marketing tool;
  2. the combined services for self-employed business owners based on a relationship of trust and advocacy as the “bread and butter” of my work, and
  3. the less frequent special engagements, like single tax returns, by request only but not as a marketed or promoted service.

My excitement is sparked by the realization that this plan will allow me to focus on those areas where I provide the greatest value, where I am recognized as an authority and where I can operate with ease and where I face few competitors who actually wish to provide these services within this specific market niche. This strategy allows me to exploit low-cost online services to bring value to clients in a way that was not possible before.

I’ve always taken seriously my assumed responsibility of providing service at a price point that makes sense to clients building their business from scratch. I understand the struggles of tight cash  flow. The new strategy allows me to develop a professional relationship with a new client for as little as $300 and allows us to develop and grow a long term relationship for $250 per month (while handling all those accounting details along the way).

This change allows me to now focus all of my marketing efforts in reaching self-employed individuals who are seeking a high dollar value return on their time and investment through the work of a remote online accountant.


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