Excuses Be Gone – margin notes

by Wayne Dyer

read in January 2012. These are the margin notes:


relation to Bruce Lipton p. 6

memetics – the habitual mind

“We don’t like to use the term “cured” in the mental counseling profession, it’s bad for repeat business”. (TV show)

meditation – p. 29

visit Henry David Thoreau’s Walden Pond in Concord MA

strength p. 47

BOOK: “Train you mind, change your brain”

BOOK: “A Course in Miracles”

I’m too busy p. 58

1) Awareness p 70 – false belief in limitations, non-judgemental, offer help

2) alignment p 79 – I get what I think about

3) Now – meditation

4) Contemplation  p 106 – highest form of activity

5) Willingness take total responsibility, arrange whatever pieces come my way to work for me

6) passion – passion always trumps excuses

7) compassion – Tolstoy’s 3 questions: Jesus

Changing – 7 ideas to change thinking

Is it true?

Where did excuses come from? Me

What’s the payoff?

FILM: “The Shift”

BOOK: “Unstoppable Me”

How could I handle that? Turn a personal question…

Q4 Excuses can’t be used

– imagine myself as a high energy person

– imagine I am in control of my thought & emotions and can change them at will

– what activity is “busy work” in my life

– outgrow my problem by eliminating the possibility of excuse

Rational reason – makes sense, do-able, feels good

– what inventory of habits I’d like to break

– what list of excuses I use

4 Cardinal virtues: Revenge, sincerity, Gentleness, Supportiveness

BOOK: Getting in the Gap”



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