Getting started toward sanity in divorce planning

Getting tax and financial advice during a divorce does not need to be a complicated, expensive or difficult process.

Over the years, I’ve noticed that taking the first step toward a logical approach toward tax and financial planning during a divorce is the most difficult. Yes, it is usually a long and usually painful process but life does eventually get better in many ways, including financially.

Q: My husband and I are divorcing. We are still talking about how to divvy things up. I would love to sit with you and talk about tax implications. Is there an hourly fee?

A: Thanks for asking. Sorry to learn about your situation. Yes, I would be pleased to listen. There isn’t any charge until and unless we agree that there is something that I actually can do to help the situation. Let’s plan a time for a call.

Meanwhile, I have a handful of resources posted online to help point out some issues to consider. See


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