Internal conflict about online content marketing

I feel annoyed by the array of email opt-in forms, popups, and widgets so widely used in online content sites today and I refuse to use these on sites that publish my own content. Yet I recognize that as a result of my choices, my content achieves significantly lower results than industry averages. This translates to  lower overall valuation of my business.

In the past the only way I could achieve anything near real value of content was to sell it to someone who would market it more aggressively using all of the available tools. I am considering this option and searching for any other options that may be available.

It is time for me to recognize that “the answer” to this dilemma that I presumed would come along naturally in the evolution of technology may in fact not be coming at all. In this case a different way of looking at the issue is needed. This realization comes at the same time that I recognize a total lifetime compilation of 30,000  pieces of published content over 35 years (if you count everything back to the pre-public-internet days of writing for my college newspaper).


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