Introduction message to the new CPA firm

“Thank you for asking about my services this year! I had the exciting opportunity a few months ago to start a brand new CPA firm in New Jersey. It was quite an undertaking but now have a new address, new licenses and new staff. We are motivated by this new unfettered ability to make real financial improvements for our clients and increase the value of the service we provide. Our business plan is basically to work with fewer people but spend more time learning how we can be more involved in improving your financial results.

Since we’ve worked together in the past, of course I already have some information so we can build on that.

Let’s please schedule a time for a short call at your convenience  to discuss your financial plans for this year and how I can best help. This call could be 10 to 20 minutes by telephone or Zoom. At that time I will introduce the new minimum quality standards of the firm as well as some new tools for you to save time and money through us.

Please let me know what is convenient. I am generally flexible on scheduling and this call should not require any advance preparation. The scheduling tool below might make it easier.”


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