It’s not too late for professional tax filing services!

It is still possible to get fast and efficient late season tax services with the full professional attention that your important tax and financial details. I reserve some time late in the season to accommodate new clients and, in fact, this has become a primary marketing tool of my tax practice.

Timing: I offer a limited number of 2nd business day tax return preparation services after submission of your required information. While I welcome face-to-face meetings, this is often not practical late in tax season. This might be better scheduled for a later date. When appropriate, I offer to prepare an estimated tax payment and file an extension to allow more time for filing.

Pricing: Online tax filing service usually costs less than walk-in tax offices. You’ll typically save 1/3 of the fee by using an online tax service and get the work done faster without the need to make a trip outside your home or office.  However, a late season surcharge may be added to review documents and discounted rates do not apply for services that do not use the cost-saving procedures of online tax filing. Tax filing extensions, when necessary, are offered at no additional charge.


Here’s how it works:

  1. First check out the online privacy and security policy. You may also want to read a sample tax services agreement.
  2. Send an email to asking for a personal online portal at no charge. I need your name and email address to open the private online portal.
  3. Send a copy of last year’s tax return and this year’s documents using the secure personal online portal. Follow the simple instructions in the email I send. (You may use text photos, email or fax or any other method but these do not offer the same level of security).
  4. I review your submitted information without cost or obligation. We discuss any specific questions you have it by phone, text or email – also without cost or obligation.
  5. I will send a tax services agreement and invoice. My fee for online tax services is typically about 1/3 less than walk-in tax services (see this sample fee schedule) but a $100 fee applies to tax returns in the last two weeks before a tax filing deadline. (You can avoid the surcharge by fling early or allowing me to file an extension to file later). You sign electronically and pay online using the secure payment processing system.
  6. Within 2 business days after receipt of your signature and fee payment I send the prepared tax return (not filed) for approval or ask for more information.
  7. When you check and approve the tax return, electronically sign the approval to E-file. I normally require a minimum of 48 hours to prepare and then later review the tax return before submission. The review is a separate process that distinguishes professional service from most walk-in tax services but this process requires some patience.
  8. I send proof of e-filing. If you expect a refund, IRS typically reports the status online at Where’s My Refund page within days. Average refund time using direct bank deposit has been about 7 days.

The important thing is for us to stay in communication throughout the process. Text messaging works best for most people. Delays or miscommunication can prevent the timely completion of the work.

This page is an overview and introduction, not a service contract. The terms of service are included in the tax services engagement agreement.



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