looking into imaginary lives in my own cabin

Note added January 7, 2017: I was recovering from a head injury at the time of this post and living alone to minimize sensory and emotional input. Writing, including blogs, was an important part of my rehabilitation. In retrospect, it was a smart strategy that aided my recovery. I leave the post up because it may have value to those trying to understand the complex subject of traumatic brain injury recovery.

I often walk at night. Somehow the dark seems especially welcoming. The evening winds across the meadow provide a blanket of background noise and wood ducks taking off suddenly from the creek only a few feet away can trigger a blast of adrenalin through my body. Lately I find myself trying to look through the translucent curtains my own cabin, imagining the lives of the inhabitants inside as one might do to someone else’s home. The game seems innocently amusing and gave me reason to smile.

(photos lost)


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