Lottery Aftermath

Take the sure bet for the sake of your financial security.
Take the sure bet for the sake of your personal financial security.


If you did not play the lottery, give yourself a pat on the back this morning for holding a position of logic and reason in an illogical and insane world. Or perhaps, like me, you just can’t stand waiting in lines to buy tickets for anything. Either way, it shows good judgement. See my earlier post on the topic.

If you did play, perhaps this is a teachable moment on the real impact of throwing a few dollars into the lottery from time to time has on your long term financial picture.

Consider, for example, that for the money that many waste on lottery tickets you could have a written “mini-plan” in hand that would help to reduce your income taxes and increase your retained wealth. See the details of my flat fee $300 consultation service. Next time, take the bet that is almost certain to lead to a windfall.


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