“Made in America” by Bill Bryson – reading notes

Made in America is an interesting story of the history of the English language in America. Anyone with an interest in language, writing or US history would enjoy it.

I read the book in May/June 2012.

This is a printout of my reading notes that contains new terms and ideas.
Made in America
By Bill Bryson
Published in 1994

Reading Notes:
Topographic words p 18
John Pickering – Academy of Natural Sciences – on NJ dialect
Adam Smith – Wealth of Nations
British reaction to Declaration of Independence = hogwash – “created equal”?, slavery
David Simpson – The Politics of American English
OK = “oll korrect”
Pre-1880 immigrants considered in higher regard than later immigrants – Congressional report
Tom Paine (anonymous) – Common Sense
Oyster War – p 48
Questions on firearms – p 56
Citizens Bank of New Orleans issued “Dix” currency $10
Gettysburg Address p 79
Ralpho Waldo Emerson – “build a better mousetrap” p 86
Pennsylvania names of Taverns p 108
NJ “Mosquito State”
Jews: name change Dr. Levy to Sullivan to Kilpatrick p 117
“The Virginian” by Owen Wister 1902   p 129
US government made 400 treaties with native Americans and broke every one of them per Howard Zinn.
Skandinavians – Garrison Keilor – upper Midwest
Sephardic vs Ashkenazi Jews vs. Eastern European Jews
– Reshaping Americans concept of itself p 141
Jerusalem artichoke = Helianthus tuberous
Suburban Square Ardmore PA 1928
Shopping malls p 218 Victor Green – appalled with the result
NYT predictions that TV would flop
1951 James Jones – “From Here to Eternity” p 229
1958 “The Affluent Society” – John Kenneth Galbraith


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