Mobile technology is awesome

I was running errands in a tightly packed schedule today when I picked up an email message on my phone from a former client sent a message asking for a copy of his 2014 tax return. I have just recently switched over to an Office 365 platform and there are still some kinks to be worked out. I wasn’t sure how difficult it would be to find the secure documents he needed on a remote server. Even after I found it, I must be concerned with security of transporting a tax return. Normally I use a secure portal and have clients log on to gain access to secure documents. I knew that I wouldn’t have access to that file transport platform for hours.

Yet I instinctively hit reply, flipped through a few folders on OneDrive, found the secure document, checked the access code, attached it to the reply message, typed out a hint for the password and hit send. The whole thing took maybe 15 seconds.

It is amazing to have access to that type of detailed information while travelling and still be 100% certain of the security of the electronic information. Perhaps clients do not appreciate it but this is something we dd not have available until recently.



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