My favorite books of 2011


I did less reading in 2011 than in the prior year due to the 500 +/- hours I devoted to retaking the CPA exam. Now that’s done and I look forward to taking in more than a dozen books next year. From the limited titles read this year, these were the three most impressive:

Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton. Although the chapters devoted to a review of college-level science were challenging, I think this book should be required reading for any young adult considering becoming a parent. This is far more than the typical self-improvement reinforcement book.

At Home by Bill Bryson. Hilarious, brilliant, a wealth of information I never realized I wanted to know. Bryson has been my favorite contemporary author since “A Short History of Nearly Everything” and later “A Walk in the Woods” and this latest book reinforced that belief. If you don’t know Bryson, please consider doing yourself a favor:

The Amen Solution by Daniel Amen. You might have seen Dr. Amen on late night public television especially during their fund drives. Far more than just a diet book, this book helped my finally understand how all other aspects of life with impact our body’s ability to regulate health.


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