My quick assessment of social media today

LinkedIn seems to be on an upward trend not just for me, but across the platform. The positives outweigh the negatives of corporate managed social media. I routinely see 50 notifications on my own and my contacts’ activity each day and my post impressions on written and video podcast content are steadily rising. I know how to hit 10k weekly impressions if I want to, but I focus on generating 2k good impressions instead.

That “enemy of the people” site seems to be spiraling downward and it seems to me to be a function of their own algorithms. It is often difficult to see how their actions support their business. Facebook certainly does not support us.

I continue to enjoy a sheltered life with my tax people on X and worldwide artists on Mastodon. I love everything about Mastodon. Follow me here. I don’t see any hostility on these sites due to persistent follower culling.

Never got excited by Instagram, probably never will.

The recent attention given to TikTok will probably trigger me to try it for the electric boat dealership coming soon. Recent government action triggered many Americans, for the first time, to be suddenly asking ourselves whether we trust US billionaires any more than Chinese billionaires. When the topic of national security comes up, we are suddenly realizing that what national security really means is government action designed to further the economic system that enables the disgusting widening gap in wealth and income. The majority of Americans have good reason to oppose the government on this.

Worth noting, that even though I’ve been active on social media from its early days, and was online BBS group leader even before the term ‘social media’ was in use, I have never developed any client relationships through social media. Many great personal relationships though.

Also worth noting: my small nonprofit business adapted a social media policy for the young people in 2013 that evolved to an acceptable online behavior policy that covered multiple organizations over time. I am happy with that outcome.