Now is the time to reassure your Republican lawmakers

I just sent this message to my Republican Congressman and urge you to do the same especially if you live in an area represented by a Republican representative. As a growing number of Republican lawmakers express concerns about the president, they need to be reassured in their decision to oppose Trump.

“Dear Congressman LoBiondo:
I have come to rely on you as a powerful and level-headed leader with a strong moral compass. Please stand up and be strong in expressing what you know is the wrong direction for this nation. We know it takes significant political courage to oppose the president of your own party during his first week in office. Yet
I urge you to join the majority of your fellow Representatives including a growing number of Republicans and almost all Democrats in condemning the recent outrageous behavior of president Trump that offends the core values of the majority of people you represent. It should be clear to you that few if any of Trump’s actions this week represent the view of the majority of your constituency. Your leadership in calling out this inappropriate behavior is needed at this critical time.”


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