Overview of tax related bank products for tax preparers

E-Collect is a fee-withholding service from EPS Financial that allows your customers to have your tax preparation fees withheld from their tax refund. E-Collect offers three different refund disbursement methods to your clients: a paper check, direct deposit, and a prepaid card, all for the lowest cost in the industry, including a no cost option.

E-Bonus is a new fee-withholding program for 2015 EPS Financial. Like e-Collect, your customers can have your tax preparation fees withheld from their tax refund, with the same disbursement methods: paper checks, direct deposit, and prepaid cards.

Refund Transfer – $35.00 . Through Republic Bank

Audit Protection Plus – $59.99 through Republic Bank

Walmart Direct2Cash through Republic Bank

Money ClipSM Visa® Prepaid Card through Republic Bank

1stMoneyCenter – may not be available in PA or NJ

River City Bank – ERO processing $39.95 plus $9.95 per state


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