Plan now to avoid a delay in your tax refund

Our free tax organizer helps save time and money
Our free tax organizer helps save time and money


Use a personalized 2015 tax organizer to ensure your maximum tax refund without unnecessary delay.

We are only a week away from the start of the federal income tax filing system on January 19. For many, the tax refund check represents a substantial “payday” and so naturally there is some rush to get the filing submitted early. But haste can lead to missed tax savings or increased risk that the refund will be delayed. This year IRS has introduced even more checking mechanisms designed to weed out fraudulent tax refunds but these new requirements slow down refunds for everyone else.

The easiest way to ensure that you benefit from all possible tax savings and avoid a delay in your tax refund is to use a tax organizer as a checklist to help gather all your information. In some cases it even makes sense to  do some additional tax planning now, before filing season, to plan the documentation that will support your maximum your refund.

Our 2015 tax organizer is redesigned and streamlined for assisted online filers. The organizer can be customized for each tax filer’s specific tax situation for even greater efficiency. A customized tax organizer asks for only the information that is required for tax filing in your own situation.

Request a generic tax organizer free of charge by email or request a customized tax organizer by scheduling a free telephone consult.

Tony Novak Certified Public Accountant prepares individual and business tax returns through secure online services designed to save time and money. Tax filing fees are bench-marked to industry averages so it costs no more for the personal professional service of a CPA.


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