Price quotes

I have a longstanding policy of declining business inquires where the first communication is a request for a price quote.

Instead of asking for a price quote as the first communication, please consider these options:

  • If you are looking to compare prices in hope of finding a lower price, then I’m pretty sure that my price won’t be lower. At least, I hope not.  So if this is the case then we can both save time by skipping this step.
  • I am easy to reach. We can schedule a time to discuss your situation in a no-obligation 15 minute call. On the other hand, if it’s not worth a 15 minute conversation to you, then it isn’t for me either.
  • Most of my client relationships are lifelong as most trusted advisor. Yet, surprisingly, we can usually make a solid prediction on the success and endurance of the relationship in an initial conversation.
  • For more complex pricing questions, for example where prior documents must be reviewed, I offer a simple fixed-fee intake review. This is an independent freestanding service. There is no obligation after this engagement is complete.
  • The pricing of services of sole practitioner CPAs outside of major metropolitan areas is often priced lower than most larger firm CPAs in the cities. I try to ensure that my price is not the lowest in the regional market even though clients may still benefit from this natural market trend.

For more information, please see my pricing page or site map.