Professionalism still counts!

“Hey online friends I just got this gig to build a house for a client. Does anybody know if I need plans or anything or should I just go out and buy the lumber? By the way what kind of lumber will I need?”

Silly and absurd! Yet this week I saw a few posts by accountants that were just as bizarre. The questions revealed that the poster was utterly unqualified to do the work. Certainly everyone has the right to use crowd sourcing as a learning tool. All of us started as rookies in our field. But there us some point where it should be clear that this is a hazard to the public.

This type of crowd sourcing is just unacceptable. It damages the accountant’s reputation, hurts the industry’s reputation for professionalism and is a potential disaster for the client.

The message should be simply this: if you don’t have the expertise to even recognize the potential perils of a job then partner with someone who does.


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