reading notes from “How Google Works”

2014 by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg

I picked up this book in the first month after it was published and conditioned by other things Google, was expecting big things. After setting that high expectation the book fell short. I made a handful of notes that hit a chord:

new terms: tenurocrats and HiPPOs (highest paid person’s opinion)

p. 73 giving the customer what he wants is not as important as giving him what he does not yet know he wants.

p. 77 the value of insight

p. 177 OKR = Objectives and Key Results

p. 180 it must be safe to tell the truth

p. 212 optimism is essential for innovation

p. 223 70/20/10 rule for allocating resources

p. 246 impact of technology on business strategy

p. 247 Google+

p. 251 What could be true in 5 years?

p. 254 government’s choice

p. 257 the cost of information

p. 258 the future is bright


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