Review of “The Biology of Belief”

Is there scientific evidence for a spiritual afterlife? If so, it’s easy to conclude that it will not found in the way that many of us expect. If not, how do we explain the growing body of scientific findings that conclude that DNA and known environmental factors do not encode all of life’s development? Dr. Bruce  Lipton’s book “The Biology of Belief” was certainly one of the most challenging I’ve read in a while. From it’s first pages the book requires dusting off buried concepts learned in college biology and quickly bringing them forward into the current age.

It seems to me that a third-party layperson’s critical review does not add value for the reviewer or the reader in a topic that requires an extensive build-up, education and review of research in the premise. so I’ll simply skip it. That’s right, I’m skipping the review section of a book review. Instead I’ll simply state that it should be required reading for any person who wishes to associate with the descriptive term “intelligent” and for any young person expecting to bring a new life to the planet. I only regret that many soon-to-be parents would not have the ability or to make it through this type of book and there’s not likely to be any Cliff Notes or YouTube summary of the thesis.

Following is an unedited transcription of the scribbling’s I made while reading the book:

Fear kills p .120

Re-examine fear p. 123 (admits lack of effectiveness of this exercise in addendum. Check out for more effective way to re-program)

Parents  p. 125

Darwinism p. 158 and 168

Self p. 161

Afterlife p. 161

Evolution p. 167

Environmental stress p. 169

“Survival of the most loving” p. 169

Join like-minded people for individual and planetary survival p. 172


–          Limiting/ self-sabotaging beliefs

–          95% of behavior is subconscious

–          First 6 years of life

–          Other people essentially program our lives


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