Services for individuals and small businesses

Client services are individually tailored to bring the best value at the lowest cost. Financial goals, operations, and accounting requirements vary widely. This checklist is designed to act as a prompt as to what is common and what is possible. Services fall into six categories:

  1. Planning (advisory and coaching)
  2. Compliance (formation and governance)
  3. Tax (filing and resolution)
  4. Accounting (bookkeeping)
  5. Documentation (recordkeeping)
  6. Advocacy (growth and investment)


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, not everyone needs all of these. But some are likely to provide important contributions to improved financial results. Please review the list below and then mark some things for follow-up discussion.

Planning, coaching, and advisory

☐ discussion of financial goals
☐ forecasted results over time
☐ performance review of prior period
☐ discussion of risks and obstacles
☐ setting an automated review method and schedule

Business formation and compliance

☐ Discussion of Reasonable Compensation compliance requirements
☐ Check of your business filing status
☐ A check of social security numbers and employer identification numbers
☐ Foreign Bank and Financial Account filings
☐ Business Ownership Information filings
☐ 1099 and W2 filings
☐ Creation of a permanent secure electronic file of your documents

Tax filing and problem resolution

☐ Review of prior year tax return
☐ Confirmation of document inputs used to prepare the tax return
☐ Confirmation of the states and jurisdictions prepared
☐ Tax transcript monitoring
☐ Automated under-reporter penalty prevention/minimization checks
☐ Flexibility in paper or electronic communications
☐ Manual confirmation of filing acceptance
☐ Timeliness agreement, completion date can be specified
☐ Year-round access
☐ Audit response
☐ Audit representation
☐ Tax planning for next year
☐ Reliance on documented professional opinion for audit defense
☐ Separate tax return review process
☐ Video review
☐ Comparison of tax results with prior year(s)
☐ Discussion of overall and marginal tax rate
☐ Discussion of errors on filed tax returns
☐ Discussion of missed deductions or credits
☐ If a local tax return is required, not filed by a preparer, a PDF version for mailing or template for self-filing online

Accounting and bookkeeping

☐ Review of online and offline financial security protocols
☐ Calculating or checking investment portfolio allocation and rate of return
☐ Adaptation and training on AI-assisted accounting and bookkeeping tools
☐ Integrated bookkeeping for small business, real estate, investments, and cryptocurrency
☐ “Book-to-tax” accounting proposed journal entry adjustments
☐ Cleanup of bookkeeping
☐ Preparation of financial statements
☐ Compilation or review of financial statements for a third party
☐ Agreed procedures reports for a third party

Documentation and Recordkeeping

☐ Personalized review video
☐ Document upload from computer or cell phone photo
☐ “Click to sign” electronic signatures on all documents
☐ Financial planning discussion stemming from tax return items
☐ Secure records storage
☐ Multiple versions of tax return available for different purposes


☐ CPA’s manual signature on paper copy of tax return for third parties and lenders
☐ CPA cover letter available to third parties
☐ Negotiate financing
☐ Evaluate and choose a technology platform
☐ Implement and provide training on a technology