Six changing financial needs of mature affluent clients

The needs of mature (50+) affluent clients are changing and so I’ve notice that the expectations that they have of their financial adviser are also evolving.

1) There are more divorces over age 50 involving larger pool of assets and liabilities increases the need for skilled divorce planning.

2) The need to further incorporate health care planning into overall financial planning is expanding. It is clear that health care miscalculations, not other living expenses, are the most likely cause for worry in retirement.

3) Successful healthy individuals are more likely to be planning for second career or to start a new business.

4) They want a personal touch, not a robo-adviser approach.

5) Technology use flows from natural demand (like Skype meetings) but they do not want technology to drive the relationship.

6) They want tax planning and not tax return preparation to drive the accounting relationship.



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