Small business part time help matchmaker project

I’ve noticed that my businesses and other local businesses are having a tougher time finding workers for occasional projects so I started a project yesterday in an attempt to address the issue. The goal is to meet more people who are looking for various types of work and assess their interests, skills and availability. Then I hope to introduce those individuals to opportunities that match these criteria.

A few clarifications on this project:

  1. I am not an employment agency or even an employer. I am not paid for these introductions. I welcome a phone conversation to try to match an individual with available work but cannot spend a huge amount of time on this project.
  2. These ‘matches’ may be for my businesses or other businesses which I have another working relationship.
  3. I do not hire employees. All of my work offers are for independent contractors. It is important that if you are not clear on the difference, please learn about this before taking the next step. Other businesses may hire employees; that is outside of my sphere of influence.
  4. The range of skills and opportunities ranges widely from dock carpentry in New Jersey to catering drivers in Philadelphia or online accounting to internet content writers anywhere. My intent is not to ‘hire’ for these positions but rather to find people who may have skills and availability and then make referrals where appropriate.
  5. Pay for these positions should be ‘above average’ for the small business market however I really can’t say more than this until we actually have a specific possible match to discuss. Be aware that some payments may be hourly but more positions are based on a project performance basis. (This tends to be a key distinction between an employee and a contract worker).
  6. If you are interested, the best way to proceed is to plan a time for a short telephone conversation. Contact information is listed on this web page.


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