Tax strategies for high income individuals

Of all the services I offer to high income clients, no other has such a rate of return on investment of time and money as income tax planning. Applied consistently year after year as part of an overall financial plan, it can easily add hundreds of thousands of wealth that would otherwise be paid as income taxes. Smart, legal, reliable and proven strategies allow this money to work for your benefit instead. The long term difference can transform your life with benefits that extend to generations ahead.

The basic strategies are well known. They are used again and again but the wealthiest people who -not by coincidence – pay the lowest possible amount of income tax. Briefly listed, here are four of the most used and most effective tax planning tools:

Tax-exempt entities – by legal design, these completely escape taxation. These have long been the #1 tax savings tool for the wealthiest individuals.

Employee benefits – designed as tax-free, tax-deferred or otherwise tax-advantaged under our income tax laws. Everything from healthcare, retirement income, expense reimbursement, special compensation and contracts for your protection fall into this category of tax-saving strategies.

Business ownership – ownership allows you to control your own tax consequences, including tax free sales of qualified small business stock

Leveraged real estate – proven strategies to take advantage of the market power and tax laws specifically designed to encourage investment.

Realizing tax savings is simply a matter of building and executing a strategy that extracts the greatest advantage of these tools to the specific opportunities in your life.

That’s where I come in: carrying out the necessary steps to make it all happen. Most high income individuals use a combination of these strategies that considers cash flow, timing and reserves for unanticipated life events. I would be pleased to discuss your tax saving and wealth building goals with the intent of developing personalized plan that best suits your unique situation.