Tax stress?

This is the time of year when IRS and state auditors pick up the pace of sending out examination notices and this causes some people a lot of stress. I’ve heard plenty of stories about how a person lost sleep or couldn’t enjoy their weekend worrying about the IRS letter. Only one in four of these suddenly stressed taxpayers has an existing relationship a professional tax adviser.

I offer a free, no-commitment review and conversation about these tax notices usually on the same day after reviewing the IRS audit letter. A single conversation like this usually gives us a better understanding of the scope of the issue and the steps necessary to resolve it. Simply having this conversation with an experienced  tax professional is reassuring to many.

Professional data privacy and security standards apply in my review. I offer a secure online document portal to let us share paperwork easily and without worries.

If you know someone stressed over tax issues, please tell them that a quick professional opinion is available and can help get rid of the stress. Often when I offer representation to handle the problem, new tax representation clients express surprise over how little it costs to shed this tax headache and get back to business and the rest of life.


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